✨London Kirari Project✨に参加


その名も「London Kirari Project」✨ネーミングに惹かれ☆




I wanted to join some community in the UK, but I found a very nice community and became a member.
Its name is「London Kirari Project」✨ I feel fabulously interested in the naming☆
I registered as a member because I felt attractive about the contents of the activity☆
I have participated from the first regular exchange meeting, but I have met people from various backgrounds.

Although once we were just starting out, we couldn’t meet the members face to face because of Coronavirus. But the other day we held a study session online where members became instructors at the second regular exchange meeting.




I was wondering if I could be learned this for free in the content of a great lecture.
When I came to UK in my early days, I had a lot of help from members, telling me what I was looking for☆
I’m looking forward to getting together and doing a variety of activities with them in the future(^^♪

「London Kirari Project」を立ち上げてくれた、代表GちゃんとEさんに感謝です(^^♪

Many thanks to the representative 「G chan 」and「E san 」who start-up 「London Kirari Project」(^^)/

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