I want to find a study method that suits me.

I want to find a study method that suits me.

*I was not able to continue studying English

1. There is a school where people who want to become as a English teacher for free. However, I couldn’t keep up with the student’s varying levels of English.

2. I Joined an online group lesson, but it was three-hour long studying about grammar. I was not able to focus on studying,

*The study methods that I can continue to study English
What I can continue to do.

1. Materials.

There are Pronunciation, Phrase, linking, Pattern, Connecting, Travel English ,Slang From the movies.

2.Singing Western music.
I’ve been taking lessons from Akari Mochizuki who is a Enka singer lives in London.

First of all , I’m practicing a song called [Thank you] by Dido.

But I still can’t communicate.

My bilingual friend gave me the advice to talk anyway. I think learning English is like learning a sport.

I hope my English will improve by writing a diary in English.

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